Logging data in Marketing Cloud Journeys

Ah Marketing Cloud, such a love hate relationship we have.

If you’ve worked with Marketing Cloud long enough, you may have become frustrated with the lack of logging details presented back in the user interface. From automation to email errors, and journey activities, the details logged and presented are either quite minimal, downright confusing or simply non-existent.

Have you ever thought, wow I’d love to be able to track more details about what activities are firing off in my journeys? Well, although not a huge leap forward, and still has it’s share of limitations, in this post I will show … Read more

Automating Mobile Opt Out from Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Or in 2013 to be exact, Salesforce acquired the arguably fledgling marketing automation product known as ExactTarget. Since renaming to Marketing Cloud and rolling this into the Salesforce family, Salesforce have introduced and refined their Marketing Cloud Connect managed package, which allows for integrating Marketing Cloud with Sales & Service Cloud CRM.

Along with improvements to this integration have come many overall improvements and additional features. One such improvement has been with the MobileConnect product, under Mobile Studio. Unfortunately however, integration between Sales Cloud and the MobileConnect side of Marketing … Read more