Provide access to the Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience

UPDATE: well blow me down and call me Charlie, the Recycle Bin has now finally been added to Lightning Experience! One of the great enhancements with this new feature is the ability to create custom list views within the Recycle Bin area. I guess I’ll keep this article up for posterity!

Anyone with even minimal Salesforce experience will know of, and likely have had to use the Recycle Bin at some point in time to restore records unintentionally deleted.

As more and more older Salesforce organisations are moved from Classic to Lightning Experience, many users have noticed the lack of access to the Recycle Bin in LEX. There is no tab to access the Recycle Bin via the App Launcher or any way to access this via Setup. System admins can however provide access with a neat little configuration trick that involves nothing more than creating a new custom Web Tab.

Navigate to Setup > User Interface > Tabs and click the “New” button in the Web Tabs section.

Select “full page width” layout and click next. Set a tab label and select a tab style. Optionally set a description, content frame height can be left as default. Click next again.

Copy and paste the following address for the Button or Link URL: /search/UndeletePage

Click next, select the profiles that should have access to the new tab. Click next again and now select which Apps the tab should be visible for. Most often this tab isn’t added to any apps, and instead accessed directly via the App Launcher.

Congratulations! After saving you will now find a new tab listed in the App Launcher for the Recycle Bin. When users access this tab, it will now show the Recycle Bin page embedded in Lightning Experience.

For more information about the Recycle Bin features and limitations, see the official Help & Training article here: